Utility: ISO Rip / Mount

I was searching around and found a set ISO utilities that are a great pair together. Both have no cost.

Portable Lightweight ISO Rip utility


LCISOCreator is great for creating .iso rips of a cd quickly.

ISOs rips are bootable for virtual machines. For physical machines I load the ISOs to a bootable USB disk. The interface can’t get much simpler. I can’t think of more to say.

LCISOCreator.exe (52KB)
Developers’s site seems to be no more.

Portable Lightweight ISO Mount utility


PortableWinCDEmu is great for mounting .iso files to a new virtual drive quickly.

The app does have to load a driver, naturally. The driver can be removed right from the app when you are finished. You can mount multiple images.

Supported image formats: iso, cue, img, nrg, mds, ccd, bin

PortableWinCDEmu-4.0.exe (229KB)
Developer’s Site