Learning: Podcasts for the Curious Mind

Here are some of my favorite podcasts.

I’ve been on quite a podcast kick recently, just striving to absorb information. I am subscribing to more podcasts every week with little hope to keep up, much less listen to past episodes. The best began to quickly surface for me.

The Podcasts

Podcast Name
( 15min average length, 1.5x playback speed, Genre or Topics)
A sentence or two of description which includes a narrative of my opinion in places.

  • Radiotopia: 99% Invisible
    (15 – 30min, 1x, Design, Story Telling, Investigative Journalism)
    Stories about the other 99% of things designed that go un-notice and exploring their back-story.
  • NPR: Radiolab
    (20min – 60min, 1x, Story Telling, Investigative Journalism, Learning)
    Topic exploration with applications that are deep and unique. Encourages internal reflection and deeper understanding.
  • APM: Marketplace
    (30min, 1.5x, Market Impact, Investigative Journalism)
    A quality podcast about how markets are effecting different industries, life, and other economies – investigating how it all plays together.
  • NPR: Planet Money
    (20min, 1.5x, Market Impact, Investigative Journalism)
    A quality podcast about the strange and interesting places money finds itself. How money impacts our daily life in ways you might not expect.
  • a16z
    (20min, 1.5x, Interviews, Technology Trends)
    Interviews with impactful entrepreneurs and critical discussions around the current trends in the technology space.
  • HBR IdeaCast
    (20min, 1.5x, Business Management & Growth)
    Topics from the Harvard Business Review publication. Topics range for HR, Investors, Effectiveness in the Workplace, to Talent and Recruiting.
  • NPR: Stuff You Should Know (No longer recommended)
    (30min – 60min, 2x, Learning)
    They talk very slow and information density is low I certainly recommend speeding them up. Topics tend to very from simple to things you’ve never stop to think about. Good for passive listening.