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UX: How my brain analyzes objects.

(In loose quick categories to be later sorted and ranked)

Ironically this list needs further organization.

Objects I thought of while building this list:
Car, Bike Lock, Door security code, Dresser, Website, Smart phone, Spatula, Database, street lamp, boxes of different screws, music, driving directions, people, posters, roller coasters, dentist chair lamp.

Categorizes / Characteristics / Typecasting

What items are behave similar or are related?
Can they be grouped, and thus the group have a predictable nature?
Should it be placed with similar objects?
Do other objects belong with it?
Is it loose or well defined?
Is it subject to lazily containing extraneous objects that do not belong to its type?
Does it have a predictable nature?
Can you amuse another one would have the same characteristics?
What are its attributes?
What are its attribute types?
Can it be sorted / organized?
Can numeric values be applied and compared?
Can it be compared, ranked, filtered, or sorted?
What is its mediums?
Are their variations?
Does it deviate from the norm of similar objects?
Do colours have a meaning?
Hoe does it move?
What is its movment range / max?

Patterns / Symmetry / Predictability

What is it like?
Are other pieces identical to others and thus simpler than it appears?
Was it crafted with care relative to other similar parts?
Is it intuitive?
Are components replaceable?
Does it known my intention?
Can it know more with asking less?
Is there time constraints or automation?
Is their a longer and shorter way?
What can’t I see/observe?
How did it get this way?
What holds it together / in place?
Does it require maintenance?

Function / Dis-function / Improvements

How does it work?
What is its purpose?
What other purposes does it have?
Can it be broke, bypassed, or misused? Why?
Could it do another task better?
What feedback do you get from misuse?
Could it be simplified?
Are all steps needed? Could steps be removed?
Is their a manual human process involved? What is their effort level or intellect level?
Can it be interrupted?
Was it tested and verified?

Inputs / Storage / Outputs

What ways does it receive instruction?
What formats can it be controlled by?
Can inputs be tampered with? Does it validate?
Does it remember?
What format or where does it remember?
Can the storage be accessed, changed, or cleared?
How do I receive feedback?
How can it be used or captured?
Does it forget?
Where else could I see or access these points from?

Keys / Permissions / Access

How does one properly gain access?
Is temporary access granted?
Who can use it?
Are there different levels of access?
How does it reject bad access? What feedback is provided?
What finite bound are set on access?
Could access be guessed? How long?
Is access accidentally revealed?
Is the access method default, obvious, or simple?
Is the access method easily spoofed?
Is the access method answer stored nearby in plain site?

Options / Alternate Uses / Choices

What preferences or settings do I have?
Can it be used in an alternate way?
Are the default options the best?

Extendablity / Compatibility / Flexibilty

Is it modular, upgradable?
Will it work with other related objects? Which ones? Why?
Can it be reused in a different context?
Can it adapt to different situations?

Adaptability / Longevity / Morph-able

Can it change over time to adapt to newer circumstances and advancements?
What is the lifespan?
How will it work x years from now?
Can it change? What does change look like?
Is anything outdated?

In summery: Obnoxious What? How? Why?

And I’m ok with that.

Think of some to add? Add a quick comment!