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Utility: Bootable ISO on USB Drive

I’ve given up burning ISOs to a disc. CDs are in the past. It took time to burn them, store them, and find them. I have all my CDs/DVDs in ISO form using another awesome lightweight utility that creates ISOs.

YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator

YUMI is a utility I’ve been using to load ISOs to a bootable USB disk.  The process is pretty dead simple and takes but a few moments to transfer an image to the USB disk.

  1. Choose the destination USB Device
  2. The type of ISO
  3. The source .iso file


Removing ISOs is equally simple via the View and Remove Installed Distors.


Providing your system has the proper boot order to allow booting from a USB, YUMI will startup and ask what ISO you wish to launch. From there – business as usual.


YUMI.exe (1.2MB)
Developer’s Site


Utility: ISO Rip / Mount

I was searching around and found a set ISO utilities that are a great pair together. Both have no cost.

Portable Lightweight ISO Rip utility


LCISOCreator is great for creating .iso rips of a cd quickly.

ISOs rips are bootable for virtual machines. For physical machines I load the ISOs to a bootable USB disk. The interface can’t get much simpler. I can’t think of more to say.

LCISOCreator.exe (52KB)
Developers’s site seems to be no more.

Portable Lightweight ISO Mount utility


PortableWinCDEmu is great for mounting .iso files to a new virtual drive quickly.

The app does have to load a driver, naturally. The driver can be removed right from the app when you are finished. You can mount multiple images.

Supported image formats: iso, cue, img, nrg, mds, ccd, bin

PortableWinCDEmu-4.0.exe (229KB)
Developer’s Site